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    Council Bluffs continues to grow and thrive! Several locally owned and operated businesses have opened in the last few months despite the challenges of the global pandemic. These amazing new businesses help make CB a diverse and exciting place to explore.

      I have worked with a number of clients over the years who struggle through the adversities of diabetes. Most of the issues that surround this disease stem from the individual’s lack of understanding of how to maintain good health with diabetes.

        For the first time ever, Ditmar’s Orchard & Vineyard in Council Bluffs has planted sunflower patches! If you’re looking for some fresh air and a blissful escape from the real world, you have to check this out.

          2020 has proven to be a very uncertain year, especially for summer activities. There are still so many things to do in Council Bluffs to make this year an enjoyable one!

            Hello and welcome to Cats, Cats, Cats. These past few weeks have been good to S.O.L.A.S and there have been a lot of adoptions! But there are still plenty of cats left to adopt.

              Similar to a column I wrote a little over a year ago, almost directly overhead at 10 p.m., the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan, is located right in the middle of the Milky Way with its head pointing south just like a bird on its autumn migratory flight path.

              Turning to the internet to shop for groceries has turned from trend to typical. One study found that more than 70% of consumers made an online grocery purchase within a three-month period of 2022, and more than half have increased their online shopping in the last year.

              This twist on the classic sandwich has all the sweet-and-savory flavors you crave in a sloppy Joe, but by swapping in some bulgur for half of the ground beef you cut some saturated fat and get an extra gram of fiber in each serving (the whole-wheat bun and veggies add 6g more). Serve these healthy sloppy Joes with a side of napkins — you’ll need ’em!

              It's been a bumpy ride for mortgage companies lately. Some lenders have gone out of business, merged with other companies or narrowed their focus. And more changes are likely in 2023.What does all this mean for borrowers?Here are answers to common questions, whether you're shopping for a mortgage or paying off a home loan.What's behind...

              If your pet likes being outdoors some of the time, you know how much they appreciate having their own private door to go outside and come in at their whim. So, a pet door makes everyone happy. The only downside is a pet door may invite animals other than your own inside your home, which can be especially troublesome if a raccoon or other unwelcome critter wanders in.

              Officials say a polar bear that killed a young mother and her baby Jan. 17 in western Alaska was likely an older animal in poor physical condition. However tests have come back negative for pathogens that affect the brain and cause aggressive behavior. A state wildlife veterinarian collected and examined samples from the bear’s head a day after it was killed. The results of analysis indicate it was an adult male and in poor health. Standard tests conducted on tissues are negative for rabies, toxoplasmosis, distemper and avian influenza. State and federal wildlife officials say there is no definitive explanation as to why the bear was in poor condition.

              Hong Kong’s top court has ruled that full sex reassignment surgery should not be a prerequisite for transgender people to have their gender changed on their official identity cards. The decision is likely to have a far-reaching impact on the transgender community. Two transgender men appealed to the court last month over the government’s refusal to change the genders on their ID cards because of their decision not to have full sex reassignment surgeries. The court ruled that the government's policy was “disproportionate” in its encroachment on the rights of the two and was unconstitutional.

              New York City is ending its COVID-19 vaccination mandate for municipal employees including police officers, firefighters and teachers. Mayor Eric Adams says the vaccine mandate will end Friday. Adams said Monday that with more than 96% of city employees and more than 80% of city residents having received their initial vaccine shots, this is the right moment for this decision. The vaccination mandate for city employees was one of the last pandemic measures still in place in New York City. The city ended its vaccine requirement for employees of private businesses last November.


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