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4 reasons you should upgrade to a roll-up dish drying rack
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4 reasons you should upgrade to a roll-up dish drying rack

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Traditional dish drying racks are inherently bulky, usually unsightly, and can quickly collect food grime—but this roll-up dish drying rack from Ohuhu offers a smart design solution that will quickly transform the way you do dishes. Here’s why you should make the switch.

1) It’s a serious space saver.

Small kitchens are already difficult to prepare big meals in, but when half your counter top is taken up by a traditional dish drying rack, you lose even more precious meal prep space. This roll-up dish drying rack solves the small space problem by slipping over your sink so you can go from washing to drying in seconds. When not in use, the silicone-coated stainless-steel mat rolls up for easy storage in your cutlery drawer.

2) You can wash your produce too.

Because the Ohuhu roll-up dish drying rack is designed to fit almost any sink, it’s also the perfect rack for washing produce. Since most people are more cautious about giving their groceries a thorough cleaning lately, this silicone dish drying mat serves both purposes.

3) It’s more than just a drying rack.

This smartly designed drying mat also makes the perfect hot plate trivet. Save your counter tops or tables from hot dishes by rolling out the dish drying mat before you place hot objects on vulnerable surfaces.

4) It’s easier to clean.

Unlike traditional dish drying racks, this streamlined roll-up dish drying mat is easy to clean. You won’t need to fumble with a bulky rack in your sink or take up half your dishwasher to remove grime. This flexible mat is easy to wash in the sink and is also dishwasher safe.

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