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A storybook ending to the MHS Gala 2021

A storybook ending to the MHS Gala 2021

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As I write this week’s article, I find myself thinking about our allies, friends and heroes.

Many times, these are our friends and family members. But for today, I want to focus on our pets fulfilling this role.

When I work from home, I usually shut myself in the guest bedroom. I’m rarely alone in this endeavor. More times than not, I have Cash, our dog, in the room with me.

He may lay at the bottom of the bed, sometimes he lays sprawled across the pillows and other times he seems content to just curl up on the floor. The door is rarely shut tight, allowing the cat(s) to enter — to the interest, or maybe dismay, of the dog.

You see, if a cat were to be so bold to hop up on the bed to participate in the workload alongside me, the dog would have nothing of it and instruct in all his “dog ways” that the cats must be forced out. This is, of course, done in harmless fun as all three of my pets get along really well.

But there is one cat, Disney, the gentle ginger who seems to rile up Cash the most and who Cash decides must be chased and sometimes rolled over. Yet, later on in the same day, I will find them laying on the couch together or I catch the cat rubbing up against the dog as he waits by the sliding door to go outside.

What I’m trying to say, in a roundabout way, is that my pets bring me joy. They make me laugh, provide a cuddle whenever I need one and remain so darn cute and loveable even when they knock over a cup of water, tear up a newly acquired toy until the stuffing is strewn all over the house or destroy a vase full of freshly cut flowers (which my tortoiseshell is famous for).

Humankind has now been living through this pandemic for over 18 months. Our pets were one of the ways we tolerated the extra time at home, complete with the isolation and boredom.

While this was the case, our pets helped bring a smile to our faces. For this year’s MHS annual Gala we want to express our profound appreciation to the pets in our lives. “Living Life Out Loud,” this year’s theme, can be taken many ways.

For the shelter staff, volunteers and board, we most definitely want the pets in our care to experience what it’s like to live like this. Even as they call the shelter their temporary home, staff and volunteers try to provide the animals with experiences, toys, treats and human interaction that allow for enrichment, while caring for all their basic needs of shelter, food, water, warmth and medical intervention when needed.

We can also look at this year’s theme in this manner: While the cat, dog or other critter may not be living their best lives at the shelter, our role is to get them there. We want each pet to experience time on the couch next to their owner, a long walk at sunset, a car ride that ends with an ice cream cone and maybe even new toys and delicious treats they get to enjoy on their birthday or “gotcha day.”

It’s equally important that owners go into a pet adoption with their eyes wide open and willing to put in the work sometimes needed when you adopt a rescue pet. It means giving your new pet time to adjust and learn how to live in your home.

It means providing patience and love to help each pet learn to be the best version of itself, which oftentimes makes the owner the best version they can be too. It means being willing and able to take the pet to the veterinarian on a regular basis to keep him happy and healthy and simply treat right.

We experienced a great Gala this year. We thank all who attended for their generosity and excitement purchasing auction items, donating and cheering on the Animal Fashion Show contestants as they ate, drank, socialized and cuddled some animals. We look forward to all the fun we will have in 2022 and, until then, we will proudly continue our role as the first and only humane society in Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County.

MHS Pets of the Week are brought to you by all who supported the 13th annual MHS Gala:

Macy is a 9-year-old spayed female lab/golden mix. This sweet lady would love a nice calm environment to live out her golden years. She is overweight from a bit too many treats, so she needs an adopter that can help her get to a more manageable weight.

Sandy is a 5-month-old spayed female domestic shorthair and Sosha is a 5-year-old spayed female domestic longhair.

Hogan is a 4-year-old ball of fun and energy. This guy needs a home to help him burn off his energy, so he doesn’t get bored. We recommend kids 8 and over as he gets over excited and will knock little ones over and can get a bit nippy when playing. Hogan must be adopted outside CB city limits.

Visit to see all the available animals. MHS is closed each Sunday in September.

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