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SOLAS: Do Good Days almost upon us

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Hello from SOLAS, and welcome to the next chapter of cats, cats, kittens!

First, a quick announcement. ShareOmaha’s Do Good Days is coming up May 17-19. This is a huge opportunity for nonprofits of all kinds to benefit from community support.

Each day is dedicated to one of three things, giving money, donating items and volunteering. But SOLAS doesn’t care which day you do what — just do it!

The advantage of donating on the giving day is SOLAS becomes eligible to compete for matching donations from the ShareOmaha Foundation. So please, dig into your hearts and pocketbooks and donate. More information about Do Good Days can be found at and the link to donate to SOLAS through that organization is

Thank you for your support!

And this week’s featured cat is a prime example of why SOLAS needs your help. This tiny baby is so small he doesn’t even have a name yet. He was found the day before Mother’s Day at 9 days old and brought to SOLAS for care. This year seems to be bringing more than the usual number of orphaned kittens into the world. Maybe it’s due to the warm winter, or heavy spring rains, but no matter the reason — it’s happening.

Taking care of and raising this cat to adoption age is a huge undertaking for the foster parents. Like all tiny babies, this baby requires round the clock care. Except there is no momma cat to do that so the foster humans must do that instead. What does this mean? It means bottle feeding every three-to-four hours day and night. And not every cat takes to the bottle easily. We do our best but there is nothing quite like moms’ milk and nipples. Bottle babies must also be stimulated to go to the bathroom as they can’t do it on their own. This must be done at every feeding until they can do it themselves.

Tiny kittens are also SUPER fragile. They can go from active and happy to on death’s door in a matter of hours. They must be kept warm at all times, clean, blood sugars kept up, parasites off and out. Just one bout of diarrhea can spell the end of a baby this small.

In addition to being time intensive and often heartbreaking, it’s expensive to raise orphans. Just the formula alone costs $100 a bag. One bag will raise 1-2 kittens to weaning age. This is why when we get donations of Breeders Edge kitten formula, you can probably hear the cheers of joy from our foster families. There are cheaper kinds, but this one, in our experience, seems to provide the best result

It’s hard work for sure, but the joy of seeing your hard work pay off — it’s totally worth it. But even when the weaning is done, the work is not done yet! They still need to grow and get the normal shots, vet care, microchip that all cats in our care get. It’s hard to say exactly what it costs monetarily to raise a bottle baby, but it’s the neighborhood of $300 a cat and that is barring any unusual vet needs.

This guy, as well as so many others, is why we humbly ask for your support this May for Do Good Days, as well as every other day!

As always, all SOLAS animals are fully vetted and microchipped prior to adoption. If you want to help, SOLAS always needs volunteer fosters, or you can donate supplies through our Amazon Wish List at or donate via PayPal at Contact for info on volunteering, adoption, or anything at or call us at 402-577-0213.


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