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Take time to find the right dog for your lifestyle, home, yard and family

Take time to find the right dog for your lifestyle, home, yard and family

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The puppy in the window is so cute. Your neighbor’s dog just had puppies and you were offered to keep one. You saw the ‘perfect’ dog at the local shelter or private rescue organization and you want to adopt.

Each one of these scenarios presents an opportunity to bring a dog into your home. Do you jump at the chance to have the first dog you see? Have you thought about what your home will be like with a new dog? While it’s true bringing any new pet into your home can introduce a great deal of fun; it can also bring challenges.

Step back to think about the breed and age of dog you are bringing home. Each dog breed will bring benefits and specific behavior traits to your life. For instance, if you like to run, maybe a Border Collie is a good fit for you. Are you a couch potato? Then a Bassett Hound may be more up your alley. You should also consider the age of the dog you want. Do you have time for a puppy? Can you provide the training they need to grow up to become well behaved dogs? Does getting up every few hours to take him outside for potty-training in the still of darkness sound horrible? Are you OK if he destroys your favorite shoes when they become his new chew toys? Maybe getting a middle aged or senior dog sounds like a better option. Are you prepared, financially and emotionally to care for your pet as she ages to keep her comfortable?

It is so very true that different breeds really do need different environments. The amount of activity each dog and breed requires is equally important. Do you live in an apartment? If so, you may want to shy away from very vocal dogs like Hounds or Siberian Huskies so your close neighbors are calling to complain they can’t sleep. If you own a home, do you have a fence? How tall is that fence? Is the dog you want to get an “Escape Artist” who can easily clear a 4-foot fence? We encourage you to pick a pet not based on looks alone.

While it is certainly understandable to want your dog to look a certain way, be the color you prefer or the breed you’ve wanted since childhood, make sure those traits will work in your reality. In the end, please select the right pet for you. Pay attention to breed and lifestyle and activity level of both you and your desired pooch. Sometimes we get the dog we need … and not the dog we want.

MHS Pets of the Week are brought to you by The Cimino Family Foundation: Moe is a 6-year-old neutered male Lab/Pointer mix. This sweet guy is outgoing and loves to play ball and frisbee. Fast movements make him nervous so a low traffic home with kids older than 12 years old is best and no apartments. Moe would prefer a home with no other dogs but may do well on playdates with a calm female.

Flash is a 1.5-year-old neutered male Belgian Malinois mix. Flash is an active guy looking for a home that can provide daily exercise to keep him busy and challenge him with lots of activity and training. His breed is known to be very intelligent, active, and loyal. He has previously lived with teenagers and other dogs but should not be around cats or other small animals. He needs a large yard to play in and is not suitable for apartment living.

Moose is a 13-year-old neutered male German Shorthair Pointer. Because he is an older gentleman, he is searching for a laid-back home to enjoy his golden years. He is very gentle and well behaved and should fit in with almost any home. Moose previously lived with cats and should do well with another laid back dog.

Willow is a 4-year-old, spayed female Beagle/Shepherd mix. She is very shy at first but so sweet once she relaxes. She can be a bit reactive in her kennel and through a fence when meeting new people, so time spent helping her work through those issues is paramount. She will need work on her training and socialization. But if you like to hit the pavement, Willow adores going for walks.

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