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Your Views: Trump, chips and politics

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AG Miller has helped Iowa, despite restrictionsIn (a recent) Sunday paper there an article was printed regarding Iowa’s Republican nominee for Attorney General Brenna Bird saying if elected she would challenge the Biden administration on various rules.

Maybe Brenna has no idea about the state law that the GOP Senate passed in 2019. Republican-led Legislature passed a bill that limits the powers of the state’s Democratic Attorney General. Under the measure, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller would need the governor, Legislature or executive council to sign off on out-of-state litigation, making Iowa the first state to limit the attorney general to such an extreme.

That bill went to the Governor’s desk and Kim Reynolds made a deal with the AG that she would not sign the bill, but he would have to get her approval on joining in lawsuits with other states.

AG Miller said the agreement made with Republican Governor Kim Reynolds means it’s “pretty unlikely” he’ll sign the State of Iowa onto multi-state lawsuits challenging Trump Administration policies.

You will notice that there were no lawsuits brought by Iowa against the Trump administrations on their oversights. I would have to ask why Governor Reynolds would go to such secretive measures and restrict our system of checks and balances? Would it reflect badly on herself? Trump? Why would the Iowa GOP try to restrict our AG from doing his job?

If Ms. Bird should win, would she be held to the same standards of not joining in other states legal action against President Biden? This action of Kim Reynolds, and her inaction of releasing public records to the press for well over a year (resulting in lawsuits being brought against her by two different parties), I find no way that I will ever vote for her.

However, I will vote again for Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. I respect what he has done for the state of Iowa even if it means being restricted from doing his job completely by Kim Reynolds and the State GOP.

Marianne Dirksen

Council Bluffs

Iowa Republicans should think before jumping to Trump callIowa Republicans need to engage their brains before opening their mouths. They are in such a hurry to kowtow to Donald Trump that they have forgotten their civics lesson from high school.

Trump has been treated exceedingly well in this process of recovering top secret government documents. Trump should be thanking the FBI for their soft-touch handling in his case. J. Edgar Hoover would certainly not be so polite. “The Donald” is being treated much better than ordinary citizens.

First, Trump was given subpoenas for these documents weeks ago. He ignored them. What did he think was going to happen? Perhaps he was waiting for this event so he could make this a huge political issue. If so, the Iowa Republicans certainly fell into this Trump political trap.

The FBI handled this court-ordered search as lowkey as possible. No marked cars, no violence, no guns drawn, not even uniformed agents. There was no press, no publicity, no leaks, no reporters. They even waited until Donald was out of town. When has that been done on any “RAID” the Iowa Republicans are squawking about? After the search, which produced 12 boxes of evidence, they listed everything and gave Trump lawyers a full itemized receipt for their record.

The whole incident was kept from the press, and would remain so, until Trump released it on his commercial web network, not the FBI. Immediately, the Trump stooge politicians were told to make this a “raid” and blame the FBI for playing politics. Again, Grassley and Iowa Republican candidates jumped to the Trump call, demanding a list of what was taken, and now claiming that evidence may have been planted. The FBI is under court order to keep their investigation confidential. Trump has that list. He can release the list anytime, and he certainly should. Transparency works both ways. If Donald Trump has nothing to hide, show us. Otherwise, do not complain about the special treatment he has gotten that is far better than other criminals. Iowa Republican candidates should think before they speak and quit being Trump goons.

John Klein


Leadership not labelsThe U.S. Senate recently passed the CHIPS+ Act designed to encourage more U.S. companies to produce the semiconductors that power computers, appliances, automobiles, airplanes and some of the military’s most advanced weapons. The $280 billion measure includes grants and tax breaks and directs Congress to increase spending on high-tech research programs. This legislation is intended to lower costs for working families, strengthen our supply chain, keep jobs in America and ensure we can out-compete countries like China. Senator Grassley called the bill “unnecessary corporate welfare” and voted against it.

Apparently, the senator’s definition of corporate welfare depends on the industry. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, from 2000 to 2018, the 35 largest pharmaceutical companies reported a gross profit of $8.6 trillion, all coming from us through insurance premiums or out-of-pocket. Yet, over that period, Senator Grassley repeatedly refused to support legislation requiring that Medicare negotiate lower drug prices like the VA does. Since the senator has accepted over $1 million from Big Pharma throughout his career, we can understand his reluctance to call these trillions in profits corporate welfare. However, he willingly applies this label to the semiconductor industry whose products are at the center of our modern society, including the smartphone he uses for his frequent tweets about government waste. Should we rely on our largest economic competitor, China, for one of America’s core technologies while many of our fellow citizens can’t afford overpriced drugs? We need real, honest leadership, not catchy, misleading labels.

Thomas Cook

Iowa City

Actions speak

louder than wordsIf we look at the legislation passed in Congress, it is clear who is standing up for the middle class. Democrats passed the Paycheck Fairness Act to address gender pay inequity. Gas corporations have been making record profits, while we struggle to put gas in our cars. Democrats passed the Stop Gas Price Gouging, creating a windfall profit tax on Big Oil companies and returning the revenue to the American people. Democrats supported the PACT Act, which extends health care to veterans exposed to burn pits during their service. Republicans delayed passing this legislation until they were shamed into reversing their no votes by the public outcry.

Republican Party leaders are also proposing ideas like sunsetting all Federal legislation, which would include programs like Social Security and Medicare. They refuse to acknowledge or act on our changing climate, in spite of the fact that peoples’ homes and communities are being burned, flooded or ripped apart by storms. Legislation supporting the American people is being passed by Democrats and stopped by Republicans.

Actions speak louder than words, look at who is acting to support the middle class and who is blocking that support.

Barb Wheelock


Grassley represents corporations, not IowaThe Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 finally allows Medicare to begin negotiating with Big Pharma on the high cost of prescription drugs. It’s a huge win for Americans. That’s why the pharmaceutical industry and Republican senators including Chuck Grassley hate it. Not one Senate Republican voted for the bill.

Grassley is living in a bygone era. His rigid policies that maintain the current status quo further gut the middle class, hurt American workers, worsen the effects of climate change and undermine social progress.

Grassley foolishly said on Instagram: “This is the worst possible policy at the worst possible time.” I’ve watched his votes and read enough on Grassley to know that any legislation benefiting the middle class likely gives Grassley a migraine. His beloved big corporations and the wealthy will actually pay a minimum corporate tax rate of 15%.

But former treasury secretaries under Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama endorsed the legislation.

Additionally, economist and Nobel prize winner, Paul Krugman, said: “…if it does become law, it will be a very big deal”. He compared the legislation to President Eisenhower’s “National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956”, “investing in the nation’s future.”

Our future must include clean energy such as electric cars, more energy efficient buildings. The bill proposes a 10-year extension of the homeowner credit for solar projects.

Grassley now only represents corporations. He no longer represents Iowa values. Let’s come together to vote for Mike Franken in November.

Dave Bradley

West Liberty

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