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Here is what’s alive and dead in the Iowa Legislature
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Here is what’s alive and dead in the Iowa Legislature

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Iowa Legislature file

The Iowa State Capitol building July 31, 2020, in Des Moines.

Here is a status report on some bills being considered by Iowa lawmakers:


• Boost next fiscal year’s state K-12 education funding by $36.5 million (SF269*)

• Require K-12 schools offer in-person classroom instruction option (SF160*)

• Revamp early-voting/absentee-balloting election laws (SF413*)

• Appropriate $21 million in state supplement to finance Workday contract (SF284*)

• Exempt business PPP loans/federal jobless benefits from state taxation (SF364)

• Accelerate income tax triggers/phase out inheritance tax (SF576)

• Revamp mental health financing/cut property taxes (SF587)

• Enact permit-less constitutional carry gun laws (HF756)

• Ban hand-held electronic devices while driving (SF330/HF392)

• Amend Iowa Constitution to clarify no right to abortion (SJR2)

• Amend Iowa Constitution with gun rights protection (SJR7)

• Halt high-tech state incentives due to social-media censorship (SF580/HF633)

• Add new method for creating charter schools (HF813)

• Enact “back the blue” police protections/enhanced crime penalties (SF534)

• Supplement K-12 schools for COVID-19 costs (SF532)

• Governor’s ethanol expansion proposal (SF481/HSB185)

• Governor’s plan to expand broadband grant program (SF390/HF848)

• Governor’s plan to expand affordable housing options (SSB1142/HF178)

• Bar interference with transportation of agricultural animal (HF655/SF421)

• Require amusement ride attendants be at least age 16 (SF114/HF558)

• Create crime for assisted reproduction fraud (SF529)

• Cap medical malpractice/trucking mishap awards at $1 million (SF537/HF772)

• Crack down on businesses selling glass/metal pipes used to smoke meth (SF363)

• Allow parental request for child to retake grade due to COVID-19 progress concerns (SF90)

• Provide legal immunity for firearms makers/dealers (HF621)

• Make multiple traffic changes/shield police liability in vehicle pursuits (SF333)

• Allow licensed cosmetologists/barbers to work at wedding venues (HF760)

• Toughen criminal penalties for drivers causing death/injury due to excessive speed (HF753)

• Create crime for failing to assist someone in imminent danger of death (SF243)

• Designate county flood mitigation as an essential purpose (HF523)

• Criminalize sexual exploitation of a minor by adult providing training/instruction (SF562)

• Create crime for defrauding employment drug/alcohol test using synthetic urine (SF329/HSB22)

• Change number of children allowed at day care centers (HF260)

• Bar cities/counties from regulating sale of natural gas/propane (HF555)

• Establish lifetime trout fishing license for seniors (HF234)

• Allocate state money to K-12 schools to offset cost of COVID-19 in-person learning (HF439)

• Clarify deceptive/unfair rental car practices (HF730)

• Phase out state tax gambling casinos pay on marketing promotions (SF169)

• Establish liability Immunity for agricultural tourism (SF356)

• Expand child care opportunities for Iowa families (HF301/HF302)

• Allow grocery stores to opt out of bottle-deposit law (SF470)

• Bar businesses from requiring employee microchip implants (HF259)

• Eliminate diversity plans affecting open enrollment in five school districts (HF282)

• Allow 5-year-olds to participate in voluntary preschool for a two-year period (HF318)

• Regulate low-speed electric bikes (HF493)

• Remove preference for Iowa coal (SF468)

• Set Iowa residency requirements at UI medical/dental schools (HF468)

• Allow expungement of some non-violent Class D felony convictions (HF831)

• Create “unauthorized sampling” criminal offense for trespassers (HF775)

• Allow home-schooling parents to teach driver’s education (SF546)

• Expand Teach Iowa scholars program (SF547)

• Change regulations for highway billboards (SF548)

• Enhance penalties for drivers who leave accident scene (HF524)

• Enhance penalty for caretakers involved in dependent adult death (SF450)

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• Exempt legislative pages from some educational requirements (SF517)

• Ban sexist/racist stereotyping in diversity training (HF802)

• Require regents’ universities to protect First Amendment rights (HF744)

• Ban city ordinances preventing landlords from rejecting federal housing vouchers (SF252)

• Allow counties to collect driver’s license fees (HF419)

• Modify lighting devices on snow plows (HF654)

• Create public safety equipment fund (HF708/SF489)

• Create civil remedy when sexually explicit images disclosed without consent (SF324/HSB31)

• Grant liability immunity for veterinarians aiding authorities in a civil/criminal case (HF746/SF340)

• Beef up criminal/civil enforcement of massage therapy activities (SF388/HF452)

• Implements process for collection/tracking of sexual abuse evidence collection kits (HF426/SF451)

• Create Department of Public Safety cold case investigation unit (HF312/SF561)

• Create sexual assault forensic examiner program (HF603/SF570)

• Bar harassment by filing false police report (HF821)

• Add crimes of assault/financial exploitation of older Iowans (SF522)


• Provide state-funded “students first” scholarships to private-school families (SF159)

• Allow student-athletes to profit from use of name/image/likeness (SF245)

• Prohibit/remove most automated traffic enforcement cameras (SF516)

• Bar employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations (SF555)

• Establish daylight saving time as the eventual official time in Iowa (SF335)

• End faculty tenure at regent universities (HF490/SF41)

• Legalize e-sports wagering (HSB200)

• Reduce penalty for first offense marijuana possession conviction (SF533)

• Restore voting rights for eligible felons (HF818)

• Post information on medication abortions at medical facilities (HF383)

• Eliminate statute of limitation on criminal actions involving sexual abuse of minors (SF572)

• Cut off state funds for cities/counties that “defund” police (SF479)

• Create offense for slower drivers who “camp” in divided highway left lane (HF494)

• Allow smoking at Iowa Veterans Home under certain circumstances (SF257)

• Instruct Department of Transportation to install adult changing stations in highway rest stops (HF492)

• Create Department of Human Services asset/identity verification system for public assistance (SF389)

• Bar employers from noncompete agreements with low-wage employees (SF496)

• Place four-year limit on term of Iowa Veterans Home commandant (SSB1097)

• Bar loaded firearm when operating electric scooter (HF738)

• Amend Iowa Constitution guaranteeing right to hunt/fish/enjoy resources (HJR8)

• Change front license plate requirement for some vehicles (SF419)

• Expand protections for mobile-home owners (SF469)

• Establish new remote worker grant fund/program (SF491)

• Require in-person regent university graduation ceremonies (HSB246)

• Amend state constitution to clarify lieutenant governor line of succession (SJR2003)

• Bar employers from knowingly hiring “unauthorized aliens” (SF339)

• Pare back state board appointees/commissioners subject to Senate confirmation (SF423)

• Halt privileges to hunt/fish/camp for up to a year for Iowa convicted of littering (SF465)

• Amend state constitution to restore felon voting rights (HJR11)

• Make over-the-counter birth control available at pharmacies for adult women (HSB121)

• Allow override of presidential executive orders (HF815)

• Block strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) libel actions (HF456)

• Give utilities authority to trim trees interfering with power lines (HF460)

• Require regent universities to hire a public policy events director (HF153)

• Require mental health insurance parity for telehealth services (HF294)

• Allow landlords to pay delinquent water bills with security deposit (HF749)

• Change law on confidential law enforcement reports (SF513)

• Allow more frequent veterans card game tournaments (SF510)

• Require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers (SF485)

• Change window tint standards/procedures for motor vehicles (SF332)

* Bill signed into law by governor

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