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The flight from Chicago to Connecticut isn’t long, but it must have seemed like forever for the flight attendants stuck on board with a passenger who got belligerent when told no alcohol was available. Even after they allowed him to inspect the beverage cart for confirmation, he continued to remove his face mask and berate the crew. In November, the Federal Aviation Administration fined this ...

The upcoming June 7 primary election is an excellent opportunity for Iowans to make their voices heard. I believe voting is one the most important duties we have as citizens of this great state and nation, and I encourage all eligible Iowans to participate in our elections.

The man accused of killing 10 African Americans at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket was virulently antisemitic as well as a racist. Indeed, he blamed Jews for the so-called “great replacement” — a belief based on a racist conspiracy theory that nonwhite people are being used to replace white people. “Jews are the biggest problem the Western world has ever had,” Payton Gendron wrote in an ...

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