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    “By thy rivers gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois.” When I learned the words to the Illinois State Song, I thought it was written specifically about the Quad-Cities. Growing up in Moline, I had the Mississippi to the north and the Rock to the south, so it was logical to believe the songwriter had my hometown in mind, right?

    In this episode, Kelli Lemon and Michael Paul Williams talk with Wes Bellamy, former vice mayor of Charlottesville and former member of the Charlottesville City Council. Bellamy was a central figure during the Unite the Right rally and the removal of two of that city's Confederate monuments. He recalls the taunts and intimidation rally organizers showed toward him leading up to the rally.

    In this episode, Kelli and Michael Paul are talking with Dr. Wes Bellamy. Dr. Bellamy was a central figure during the Unite the Right Rally and to the removal of the Confederate monuments as having been a city council member and vice mayor of Charlottesville. Dr. Bellamy recalls the taunts a…

    When Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, he stated that it is uncertain when the life of an individual human being begins but went on to say that we should protect the fetus so that we don’t inadvertently kill an innocent human being. At about the same time a lecturer we had on campus, like President Reagan, stated that it is uncertain when the life of an individual human being begins but she went on to say that we know that a pregnant woman is a human being and that we should not give priority to something that is uncertain over the health and well-being of the pregnant woman.


    Content by Brand Ave. Studios. The annual Amazon Prime Day is coming July 12 and 13, and per usual will offer discounts on many of your favorite things.

    During this special series of After the Monuments, Kelli and Michael Paul are talking with folks who were involved and nearby the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville about the Confederate monuments in that city that ultimately turned violent and led to the death of a young woman. I…

    Fish, flowers, or kites cut from many colors of construction paper were pinned each year to the bulletin board in the library’s basement hallway leading into the Children’s Room. Keeping track of Summer Reading encouraged children to read and become life-long readers. I am a life-long reader who is a lover of summer reading. Maybe it is because those summer programs made keeping track of the books fun, but I think it has more to do with the magic of summer.

    England’s Boris Johnson and America’s Donald Trump are not twins, but they are strikingly similar in behavior and career. It’s not just the odd hair-dos that link them, but their ability to achieve their respective nation’s highest office before being undone by lack of character and ability.

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