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Echoes: Rallying for the president in Mills County

Echoes: Rallying for the president in Mills County

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Lake Ohana is a suburb of Glenwood. Saturday decorated classic cars and other vehicles, tractors, ATVs, bikes, strollers and walkers carrying the American flag began showing up for the Mills County Republican Party M.A.G.A. parade and rally. Including those participating in the parade — 65 entries — there were approximately 250 participants over all. Some of those were lining the market area and street in support of President Donald Trump and Republicans running on the 2020 ticket.

It was an amazing day! Not only did Mills County participants show up, but also people from Omaha to Page County, Iowa, and even someone from Illinois joined the parade. The whole idea started with just having a neighborhood parade and food, with David Young as the honored guest, and grew with leaps and bounds from there!

The grand marshal for the parade, which began at 11 a.m. at the Lake Ohana Market, was Young, who is running for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District of Iowa.

The parade began and ran through the Lake Ohana neighborhood on 229th Street. At the end of the long street it did a turn-around back to the market, where speakers took the stage sharing thoughts on what America needs to do in order to make sure our freedoms don’t go aground.

Gary McNutt of the Mills County Republican Party gave the invocation. The speakers included: Sandi Winton and Jeni Kirsch, the event organizers, Tamara Scott, Iowa National Committee spokeswoman, state Sen. Mark Costello and Sean Herrick and Brittany Rockwell, local Trump campaign spokespersons. All speakers encouraged those in attendance to come together and unite in order to bring America back to where we need to be. They also shared positive thoughts on how our president is running the country, and how they want to help him do even more for us.

Young gave the final speech encouraging unity, and not the type of chaos that has resulted in so many businesses being destroyed by radicals, and innocent lives being taken. The words of encouragement he and the other speakers shared brought many cheers and joy to the hearts of the listeners. Following the speakers there was live band entertainment, and food provided by Lake Ohana’s Market Backroom Lounge.

Not only was it an amazing day for all participants, but it was a beautiful day, both weather wise and reflection wise, as we look forward to having President Trump for four more years!

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