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Echoes: You have the key to my heart

Echoes: You have the key to my heart

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There have been many people in my life, even beginning at birth, that I haven’t trusted with the key to my heart. And I believe that is the most important key we have on our keychain.

Those of you who have been reading my Echoes column for some time probably realize that echoes from my past seem to ring endlessly in my heart/memory. But this is what a lot of my dreams have been about these past few months: Seeing the bottom of the laundry basket; an empty kitchen sink; the refrigerator and freezer full of enough food; clean countertops-especially in the bathroom.

Have my dreams been fulfilled? Thankfully, yes! At least I’m still having dreams. They’re just a little different these days. In fact I recently had a dream about flowers growing in my garden during a cold and snowy winter day! After giving it a lot of thought I finally began to realize it meant that, “this old man is in love — like a flower still blooming in winter.”

And hearing another echo far back in my brain, I researched the echo and discovered that it was something some old Portuguese guy said years ago, as a proverb.

Well, this old man’s flowering love has had plenty of the right kind of fertilizer over the past 35-plus years by not only my Chief Gardener, but by my beautiful flower tender who shares my everyday life, and is the key person that helps to walk through the storms while keeping our heads up high. Does that sound like some lyrics to an old song? Although some of the flowers have had to endure various kinds of rough weather over the years, we have walked on with hope in our hearts, placed there by the Chief Gardner.

The key holder to my heart was able to unlock true love, which I had never seemed to have experienced in the many years before we met. And even though there were a couple of times I thought the key had been lost, it was recovered. I was so glad it didn’t have to be replaced with a new one.

Past experiences have made me aware that the most obvious reasons for why a key may stop working can be due to a physical issue such as being worn out or somewhat bent. That is so true about how the human system works. Both the physical and emotional body can get to the point where it’s hard to deal with what it takes to feel normal. Now, with a key, if that is the problem, it is most of the time an easy fix. You just spray a little lubricant in the lock to free it up. With the human key it may be a little more difficult, because the lubricant may not have been the kind you were supposed to apply to the locked problem. If lubricating doesn’t work, you can call the locksmith. That is, if the rough edges of the key are worn and there’s nothing you can do to repair the problem yourself.

Continuing to try and make the key work without the right tools can cause permanent damage. You definitely need to call the locksmith to fix the problem.

Considering this to be a human physical/emotional/spiritual matter can have the same results — meaning, not calling upon the Locksmith that God can provide to help could result in permanent damage. Remember, prayer is the link that connects us with God. You don’t need to pick up your cell phone, or head to the Internet to make contact. In fact, He knows our needs even before we ask. He desires to lead you and guide you through your life. He desires to open what appears at times to be locked doors and make a way for you. But you must desire to have him as the Lord/Doorkeeper of your life.

Over the past few months I have come to realize that Jesus holds the most important key to my heart, and has also made sure that others have had the right keys to access my life — some through physical doors and some through spiritual/emotional doors.

Thank you Jesus!

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