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AG Miller has helped Iowa, despite restrictionsIn (a recent) Sunday paper there an article was printed regarding Iowa’s Republican nominee for Attorney General Brenna Bird saying if elected she would challenge the Biden administration on various rules.

Honoring Bob NeumannOn Thursday, July 28, we celebrated someone very special in the Council Bluffs community. We honored Bob Neumann of Council Bluffs who officially “retired” from his volunteer service with Connections Area Agency on Aging. Bob has volunteered for the agency for 28 years! H…

Abortion doesn’t prevent povertyChildren have been in poverty, ill-fed and abused for the last 49 years, when abortion was legal. Pro-abortionists tout that abortion prevents that. Wrong! Abusing babies is evil. Killing babies is evil. Substituting one evil for another is not progress. A wom…

Significant wildlife conservation bill could benefit IowaThe U.S. House of Representatives has voted to pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, a bill to prevent wildlife extinctions by funding locally-led conservation efforts. If it becomes law, Iowa will receive around $13.4 million an…


Charlie Helmick is the bold and decisive leader we need to represent Illinois in Washington D.C. We simply don't need any more liberal-leaning, vain and insincere candidates who have lost touch with the people of Illinois and whose support comes from the country club RHINOS whose contempt for working families and conservatives is real. The sum of Charlie's military and business experience combined with his conservative credentials makes him the best candidate. Charlie knows, understands, and cares about the issues impacting the working families of the 17th District: extreme inflation, out-of-control taxes, radical spending, and lawlessness resulting in failed Democratic policies. Charlie is not a "carpetbagger" who is only in town to win a campaign for "establishment party elites" whose disdain for real conservatives is self-evident. Charlie Helmick is a working man dedicated to his family and the people of the 17th District. Charlie is one of us! I wholeheartedly endorse Charlie Helmick to represent the 17th District Congress in Illinois. Vote Helmick for Congress on June 28.

I think everyone that reads this paper knows I have fought for good government, less government, and Rock Island County has approximately 109 elected officials doing the same thing that Scott County does with five elected officials. Yup, forget the crap that it takes that many to represent each ward. Only 5% of these districts even know who represents them. Scott County has five running at large with more population than Rock Island County. The $60,000 spent to cover the three wards deleted was in my mind a scam to make people think we need that much coverage. I’m wondering why Jeff Deppe as county Democratic chair is running for state rep never endorsed cutting the amount of board members until now? Yup, now he supports it. Yup, politics as usual in River City. Speak your mind and you will have credibility.

According to columnist John Marx, "No one cares who plays on the LIV Golf Tour. Seriously, our president has allowed inflation to reach a 40-year high, gas prices have found the sky and a recession is but days away, but we are worried who tees it up where."

I know we live in an era of "We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings," but that attitude is not teaching our children to reach their full potential or how to handle adversity. As they go through life they are going to have some bad days. Maybe a minor disappointment like not making the football team, something more serious, dad losing his job, to the absolute worst, mom getting cancer. How will they ever handle difficult situations if we continually shield children from them?

Marvin Gaye's famous song asked "What's going on?" What is going on when Jeff Deppe, a candidate running to be the 72nd Illinois Representative, fails to honor an invitation for public questions?

For those too young to remember the 1970s, our nation went through what was called an “energy crisis." It hit particularly hard in 1973-74 and again in 1979. Global cuts in oil production quadrupled the price of oil, triggered a huge spike in inflation, and resulted in a change in driving habits for many Americans.

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