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Your Views: Readers voice support for City Council candidates

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Vote for the Petersons

Let’s talk about the power couple that is turning heads in this 2021 election cycle. In their own rights, these two are influential and successful, which is why it is with great pleasure that I publicly endorse my dear friends Chris and Erin Peterson as they chase their dreams toward public service.

I read the campaign highlights “Director, coach, and proud dad” and I do not think I could come up with any better way to describe such a great man in so few words. If there were to be a book about how you should invest in the youth of this community, I would title it “Chris Peterson: On how to truly be awesome for your hometown.”

Chris has been nothing short of incredible while ensuring our kids have the opportunities they deserve. You witness it firsthand on the football field, basketball courts, baseball diamonds or one of the countless teams he coaches each year. There is a reason he was selected over his peers to be the director at the Boys and Girls Club. Chris is a man of his word, his handshake means something, and he has the kind of integrity that has seemingly been missing these days among most local politicians.

My children open enroll to Lewis Central, so for me I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Erin Peterson was going to run for LC School Board. I could not think of a more perfect person for the job.

She has that infectious smile that brings rays of positivity to the people around her -- a characteristic that has been lacking in recent school board meetings. Erin has the drive that most mothers could only wish for. She is raising (and Chris) three amazing children, running a successful small business and staring face to face with the court of public opinion to guarantee a quality education for our kids. While she is likely one of the kindest women I know, she is also incredibly sensible. She knows how to cut through the noise and communicate on a level that represents the voices of the LC School District.

Leadership qualities of this caliber are few and far between and when elected, I am confident that these two will bring an active voice to their respective governments. Vote to take local government to the next level - vote for the Petersons!

Justin Schultz

Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors

Council Bluffs

Vote for Danielsen

My name is Emily Meister, and I would like to express my support for Lindsey Danielsen in her candidacy for Council Bluffs City Council. She is the most compassionate, thoughtful and dedicated person, and I am lucky enough to call her my sister.

Lindsey is one year older than me, and we grew up fiercely depending on each other. Or rather, I depended on her. When Lindsey started her first year of college, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be without her at home, but it took only days before I was missing her intensely. This girl, in her first weeks of college freedom, took the time to comfort me while I cried and made me laugh every night when I called.

The next year, when I started college at the University of Iowa, I again found myself lonely and missing my sister. I was struggling to make friends and connections in Iowa City. Most weekends, I traveled to Ames to visit her at Iowa State. Her door was open to me whenever and however often I wanted, whether I gave notice or not. Her friends became my friends, and welcomed me into their tightly knit group. I felt like I belonged, and their kindness and acceptance gave me the confidence I needed to make connections at my school. This is the same group of people that Lindsey eventually joined in Council Bluffs. She became their family, and they are hers. She has shown the same loyalty and love to these friends and the entire community over the last 15 years.

Lindsey is an epic motivator, able to not only get herself moving, but to inspire and empower others to do the same. Her example and encouragement have been a guiding light to me throughout my life. She is now able to set that example for my children, who look up to her like a superstar.

Lindsey will continue to love and care for her community as much as she does her friends and family. I love her dearly. You will too.

Emily Meister

Iowa City

In support of Lindsey Danielson

With the upcoming Council Bluffs City Council election, I wanted to write in favor of Lindsey Danielson. I have known Lindsey for many years, first as a fellow college student, then a colleague and as a close friend.

Although I know her personally and know her in many capacities all of which have been exemplary. She truly loves this city and calls it her home even as a transplant from Algona. Being that she chooses to live here as well as run for this position shows that she is wanting to make this community a better place for us all.

I trust Lindsey to take this role very seriously as well be a representative for the female voice as a councilwoman. It is extremely important that as a female member of this community that there is a voice to be heard on the council. Having a female presence will truly lead Council Bluffs in the right direction. I think it’s important for our city to be both progressive but to have an educated woman stating her perspective and views will help us to grow in a positive way.

Jordanne Gibler

Council Bluffs

Compassionate leadership

My name is Erin Peterson, and I would like to share a side of my husband, Chris, that I feel is important before the City Council election on Nov. 2.

When I think of Chris, I think of the word “compassion.” Not just for the love he has for me and our three adventurous, wonderful, and often silly three children, but also for the city of Council Bluffs. A love for his fellow citizens, our youth, and our community. He wants to make a difference by being a strong voice while effectively leading us in a positive direction.

Chris is one of those people who does things for others without seeking recognition. For example, there was a “club kid” at the Boys and Girls Club who needed to get his bicycle fixed but didn’t have the means. Without pause Chris took the bicycle to our local bike shop to have it repaired and returned it to the club member at his own expense. Chris is the guy who makes sure families have coats, shoes, backpacks and school supplies when they come to him for help. Even at Christmas time, he is working with families to ensure they have quality gifts for their children.

Chris also has a soft spot for our first responders and our military. He takes great pride in telling people that he has a brother and brother-in-law who are in law enforcement and actively supports all first responders in the local community. He knows how tough of a job they have, and he eternally grateful.

He also has a deep respect for our veterans and service members. His older brother, Kyle, is a Marine who served multiple tours overseas and within our extended family we have several veterans and currently serving members of the armed forces. He is a proud American and recognizes the sacrifices that have been made so that we can be free.

He exemplifies leadership! I believe Chris would be an asset to our City Council because he is financially responsible, an effective communicator, and a confident decision maker.

I always say, true kindness whispers and overtime it grows into a symphony.

Each person you help quietly rolls into more and more people, until it gets loud. That sound is calling for my loving husband, so please join me in voting for Chris Peterson on Nov. 2 for Council Bluffs City Council.

Erin Peterson

Council Bluffs


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