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Your Views: 'No' vote defense 'falls flat'

Your Views: 'No' vote defense 'falls flat'

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‘No’ vote defense ‘falls flat’

Senator Charles Grassley — if not Sen. Joni Ernst — is supposed to be a seasoned politician. But, apparently, neither he nor his cohort has accepted or understood the two cardinal principles of governing in a republican democracy: that “you can’t always get what you want” (credit The Rolling Stones), and that “half a loaf is better than no loaf.”

In a recently published op-ed, Iowa’s senators make a desperate attempt to defend their “no” vote on the American Rescue Plan. It falls flat on its face. By their own omission, the law includes the critical components of aid and assistance that they say they supported. They might quibble about the price tag or about inclusion of less costly items, such as federal assistance to state governments that have budget deficits (ignoring the fact that Iowa itself receives considerably more in federal funding than it pays in federal taxes), but the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of Americans support the Plan.

The most recent CNN poll, released March 11, identifies that at least 60% of Americans approve the law as passed. Two-thirds of Americans believe the various components of the bill will help the economy, despite some disagreements with specific parts of the bill among the diversity polled. And at least 55% of Americans believe the provisions in the legislation will help them directly.

The CBS poll, also published March 11, affirms that 75% of Americans polled support this legislation. And the latest Pew Poll results posted Thursday only confirm the accuracy of the results of the other two polls, with 70% of Americans supporting the stimulus bill while just 28% opposing it. The votes by Grassley and Ernst against the American Rescue Plan were votes against the welfare of all Americans, of all Iowans and unequivocally against democracy.

Steven Pokorny


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