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Your Views: Readers discuss Ernst comments on COVID-19 deaths, preexisting conditions, support for David Young

Your Views: Readers discuss Ernst comments on COVID-19 deaths, preexisting conditions, support for David Young

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David Young the right choice

Iowa needs David Young back in Congress. He believes in our founding documents and the ideals within them, Including the belief that the people are to be represented — not ruled. Today, we watch as several of our elected officials blatantly ignore dictates and mandates that they themselves have imposed upon the people. Democrat governors, mayors, legislators and unelected bureaucrats behave as though they are superior to the American populace.

It was disgusting to see Speaker Nancy Pelosi blame a salon owner for her own poor behavior and snobbery. It was a complete dismissal of any ownership for her actions. Is this the kind of leadership anyone can look up to? Congresswoman Cindy Axne does.

When David was elected to Congress, his first proposed resolution was HR 250. It stated that no person within government is to be unbound from the laws of our nation. If HR 250 had passed, there would not be this ‘rules for thee but not for me’ attitude. Vote for representation in government, not for rule by the elites — vote David Young for Congress.

Dawn Conrad


Ernst has bad record on health care

Iowa’s Senator Joni Ernst has used far too many of her votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Despite no formal plan to replace this vital piece of health care legislation, Ernst and her GOP colleagues seem determined to leave millions of Americans without healthcare, even in the middle of a pandemic!

When voting for repeal didn’t work, Ernst has attempted to stack the courts with unqualified judges who also had an anti-health care record.

If the Trump administration and Republicans in the House and Senate get their way, the Obama-era legislation will be ruled unconstitutional and the law will be struck down, leaving millions without health care coverage. Anyone who has contracted COVID-19 now has a preexisting condition. If the ACA is repealed, Iowans have a great deal more to worry about as will our healthcare heroes who will be left treating patients with no health insurance.

Preexisting conditions are covered by the ACA, referred to colloquially as Obamacare.

We need our senators to confirm fair-minded judges who will uphold the Constitution, and not simply do their Party’s bidding. We need Joni Ernst to stop trying to take healthcare away from Iowans!

Jennifer Herrington


Ernst owes health care workers an apology

Senator Joni Ernst owes the health care workers of Iowa, and indeed the nation, a clear, profound and humble apology. Her recent inference that they are overstating the number of COVID-19 cases for financial gain is demeaning, degrading and disrespectful beyond belief. Is she totally unaware and unappreciative that these good people have been and still are consistently suffering and actually dying as they strive to provide compassionate healthcare to her constituents?

The pathetic attempt by her campaign to distance her from this public and published statement by claiming that she was just repeating something she heard would not be accepted from a rude 5-year-old child who had embarrassed their entire family in public. Should we not expect considerably more from a United States Senator?

David Holcomb

Council Bluffs

Return David Young to Congress

Cindy Axne has accused David Young of voting to deny Iowans health insurance if they had preexisting conditions. This was a hoax. What he did: David Young voted against Obamacare. She rode this hoax to a U.S. House seat (Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District).

Earlier she voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

Now she is again claiming David Young voted against preexisting medical conditions. Why not? This hoax has worked before.

Cindy claims she represents Iowa values, but, Cindy is receiving hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars from Nancy Pelosi’s DNC leftist power brokers. Why? Cindy is a valuable socialist Democrat vote in the U.S. House.

Iowans, let’s stop the Axne hoax. Please vote for David Young.

Robert Schulze

Council Bluffs

I’ve had enough of President Trump

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Reality he defies!

He claims to be pro-life

but he ignores human strife

and permanently separated children from their parents

for the sole purpose of asylum seekers’ deterrence.

He denied having an affair

but money speaks quite contraire.

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Reality he defies!

He stated noise of windmills causes cancer

but there is no science behind that answer.

He announced that COVID-19 would just go away

but, in fact, I am afraid, it is here to stay.

He encouraged voters to commit a crime.

To him, voting twice is just fine.

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Reality he defies!

He insults leaders of our allies with derogatory names

setting our long-held relations with them into flames.

I do not want a president who has been impeached,

who should have been removed if not for spineless sheep.

He has called our war heroes “suckers” and “losers!”

He belittles and ridicules. He’s a bully and abuser.

I want a president I can take pride in

and that is why I am voting for Joe Biden.

We need to remove the “dog and pony show.”

I sincerely urge you all to vote for Joe.

Tony Tauke

Council Bluffs

Pandemic showing us need to improve the environment

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen the temporary and permanent closing of businesses, large and small ... and job losses, of course, have followed. With fewer people commuting and the idling of plants, satellite images of our planet have shown us that our air quality is much cleaner because of the reduction of carbon dioxide! This effect shows up all around the world!

I point out these global environmental benefits not to minimize the horrific sickness, death, loss of income, and loss of loved ones the pandemic has caused. I mean only to draw attention to the remarkable health benefit that results when we significantly decrease our use of fossil fuels. Breathing air laden with carbon dioxide causes quality-of-life health issues for every one of us.

At the end of this pandemic, we want a healthier tomorrow. And, let’s start NOW. Rather than contributing to the Very Real Climate Crisis with the continuous use of finite, harmful fossil fuels, let’s transition to clean energy. This will not only be more beneficial economically, and infinitely better for the environment, but immensely more healthful for all living things.

This is a good time to shift to renewable energy sources. Let’s do it for a healthier tomorrow.

Susie Petra


Vote Biden

It has been startling to hear some say that they are not going to vote for president because they do not like either candidate. This is essentially a vote for President Donald J. Trump.

Trump has shown that he does not believe in the system of checks and balances, the basic tenant of the Constitution. He has also shown that he does not want to protect our troops against Russia. It is scary to comprehend a second term.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has served his country with honor. Biden has developed the knowledge to know who to trust with leadership positions. He has shown intelligence when co-leading our country during the 1998 Recession. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to restore our country to sanity.

Julie Stewart Ziesman


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