Readers discuss factory farms, journalist's death

Readers discuss factory farms, journalist's death

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Stay vigilant regarding factory farms

Costco built the largest chicken slaughterhouse ever in Fremont, Nebraska. Since then they have been desperately searching for developers to put up their 500 chicken factory buildings that it will take to fill their slaughterhouse.

First, they looked in Nebraska for developers, but local folks didn’t want 500 chicken factory farms. So now they are looking for developers in Iowa.

We already have over 10,000 factory farms in Iowa. We don’t need anymore.

But already Lincoln Premium Poultry (the corporation working in collaboration with Costco) has already been approved to put six buildings up in Harrison County, and another three buildings in Shelby.

They are just getting started. We all need to pay attention to the factory farm applications in our counties. If you hear about Lincoln Premium Poultry applications call Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement at (515) 282-0484 to find out what you can do to fight back.

It is clear all Lincoln Premium Poultry and Costco care about is their bottom line. Don’t let them put their profits before your quality of life.

Heather Pearson, Iowa CCI Member


Actions after U.S. resident’s death deplorable

I just read the transcript available to CNN of the recording made while Mr. Khashoggi was assassinated by hit men operating, as our CIA has determined, under direct orders from, or with full knowledge by, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The transcript reports that saws can be heard in the recording as the hit men dismember Khashoggi’s body.

It is appalling to read that the Saudi government would stoop to such depravity to eliminate an internationally prominent reporter, who was also a legal resident of the U.S., because of his persistent criticism of the authoritarian tactics of political oppression in Saudi Arabia. It is doubly deplorable that Jared Kushner would attempt to smooth over such a revolting act that is utterly contrary to the democratic and moral values of America.

Kushner’s motive can only be to preserve the business opportunities available to himself and to the Trump family — shameful, disgraceful. I urge our two senators and their colleagues to impose the strictest sanctions on a government that does not deserve the respect and the favors of which it has been the recipient from the U.S. in the past.

A message of “no tolerance” must be loudly made.

Steven Pokorny


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