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A fractured skull. Broken ribs. Bleeding in the brain. The injuries suffered by abused children can be devastating. The youngest and smallest are especially vulnerable. Too small to defend themselves, too young to speak up for themselves, they depend on physicians, among many others in the community, to be their voice and serve as their protectors. The weight of determining whether a child’s ...

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In 2008, Steve Melen had a successful career, a nice house and a newborn daughter he and his wife adored. As he eagerly prepared for the years ahead, a stage 3b stomach cancer diagnosis left him facing a cruel 15% survival rate, the odds stacked against any future Steve had envisioned for himself.

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What if you plan to vote in person but receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, and it’s too late to request a mail-in ballot? Or perhaps you’ve traveled out-of-state and gotten held up by a virus-related travel restriction.

As you read this, I’m checked in at the Holden Cancer Center at the University of Iowa. I came here with a positive plan to improve my health.…

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